RedPocket Mobile Review

RedPocket Mobile Review

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Product Name: RedPocket Mobile

Product Description: RedPocket Mobile is an MVNO wireless carrier that offers coverage on every major network in the U.S.


RedPocket Mobile is a discount cell phone service provider with a unique feature: You can choose the network you want to operate on and switch networks when needed. You can also choose from four different data plans.


  • Coverage through all of the “Big 3” carriers
  • Switch your network at any time
  • Several customer service options
  • Generous international calling program


  • Unlimited data plan is pricey
  • 3G speeds after data allotment is used

RedPocket Mobile is a discount cell phone service provider with a unique feature: the option to choose the network you want to operate on and switch networks when needed. They also offer a wide range of plans for individuals, families, and businesses. However, you will pay a premium for an unlimited data plan.

At A Glance

  • Operates on all networks
  • Bring your own unlocked and compatible phone
  • Family plans available
  • Free international calling to 80+ countries
  • Change networks when you need to

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Who Should Use RedPocket Mobile?

RedPocket Mobile is a solid choice if you want to switch networks. For example, if you spend part of the year in Oregon, where Verizon may have better coverage, and part of the year in a state where T-Mobile has better coverage, you can switch networks when needed.

RedPocket Mobile might also be a good choice if you don’t use much hotspot data. It isn’t a separate allowance with Red Pocket Mobile. Instead, you’ll use your plan’s data to have hotspot coverage.

The prices for RedPocket Mobile’s plans are somewhat competitive, although its unlimited (technically 30GB) data plan is pricey.

RedPocket Mobile Alternatives

tello logo 2024 ting mobile logo visible logo
Pricing $5-$25 per month $10-$45 per month $25-$45 per month
Payment Plan Monthly Monthly Monthly
Network T-Mobile T-Mobile/Verizon Verizon
Learn More Learn More Learn More

What Is RedPocket Mobile?

RedPocket Mobile is a no-contract discount wireless service provider founded in 2006. It offers attractive plans for both individuals and families. You can bring your own unlocked phone and phone number to RedPocket Mobile.

RedPocket Mobile homepage

RedPocket Mobile’s big draw is that it allows you to switch networks. It rents space from Verizon, T-Mobile, and other networks. Switching networks as a RedPocket Mobile customer is free and easy. The option may be helpful if you’re moving to a new area, live in a rural area, or are just working to find better coverage where you’re at. 


RedPocket Wireless offers four different pricing plans. You can pay for your plan monthly or annually, with cost reductions for annual payments.

All plans include unlimited talk and text. You can choose from the following data allotments.

  • 1GB for $10 per month ($9/mo. avg. when paid annually)
  • 5GB for $20 per month ($15/mo. avg when paid annually)
  • 20GB for $30 per month ($25/mo. avg when paid annually)
  • Unlimited data (30GB per month) for $40 per month ($30/mo. avg. when paid annually)

RedPocket plans come without data overage charges. In addition, after you’ve used your data allotment for the month, you’ll still have data availability at slower speeds. 

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Mobile Hotspot

RedPocket Mobile does not offer designated hotspot data. Instead, any hotspot minutes you use will be deducted from your monthly data allotment. 

International Calling 

When you sign up with Red Pocket Mobile, you get free international calls to over 80 countries. 

In addition, you get a $10 credit to call any countries not included on the free list. The number of minutes you’ll get with your $10 credit depends on the long-distance rates to the country you’re calling. 

Free global texting is included with GSMT and GSMA plans. CDMA plan users must purchase an add-on for global texting at $0.20 per text. More information on these networks is provided below.

Flexible Network Choices

RedPocket operates on most major cellular networks, including the “big three” networks: AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. You can choose to switch your network at any time, but it’s important to be sure that your phone is compatible with the network you’d like to switch to. 

Here’s more information on network choices with RedPocket Mobile.


RedPocket Mobile offers coverage on the GSMT network, but you need a GSM device (able to accept a SIM card) that is unlocked. T-Mobile often uses the GSMT network to provide coverage for customers.


RedPocket Wireless also offers coverage on the GMSA network. Choosing the GMSA network gives you access to AT&T and/or T-Mobile networks. 


The CDMA network gives you access to the Verizon coverage map. For CDMA coverage at RedPocket to work, your phone must be CDMA-enabled.

See the RedPocket Mobile help center for more information on the different networks. 

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Bring Your Phone

RedPocket Mobile lets you bring your current phone when you sign up for service. However, there are some stipulations about whether your phone will work with RedPocket Mobile.

To summarize, if you have an unlocked phone that works on your current network, it will likely work on the compatible network that RedPocket Mobile offers. 

However, if you purchased a phone from Verizon (which operates on the CDMA network), it likely won’t work at RedPocket Mobile if you switch to the GSMT (T-Mobile) network.

Family Plans

Unlike some carriers, RedPocket Mobile offers family plans. You can sign up for one if you order between 2 and 5 lines.

Features of the RedPocket Mobile family plan are as follows:

  • $30 per month for the first line, $20 per month for each subsequent line
  • Each line gets 20GB of high-speed data each month
  • Mix and match networks for each line
  • 10GB of high-speed data per line per month

After users have used their 10GB of high-speed (5G) data, they’ll still get unlimited data, but only at 3G speeds. All lines have unlimited talk and text.

Note that each line has a $10 setup fee. You can add or remove lines at any time. 

Business Plans

RedPocket Mobile also offers business plans. If you own a business that requires extensive travel, RedPocket Mobile might be a good choice. 

With RedPocket Mobile, business owners can have between 5 and 50 5G phone plans. In addition, you can mix and match networks on your business plan phone lines. 

Pricing starts at $30 per line when you have at least five lines, plus taxes and fees. If your business requires fewer than five phone lines, RedPocket Mobile suggests opening a non-business account and using the multi-line option.

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Referral Program

RedPocket has a customer referral program that pays out rewards credits when you refer a customer who opens a RedPocket account.

Referral amounts are paid out in the form of statement credits off of your next month’s bill. Both you and your referral earn a credit based on the plan the referral opens. Reward amounts are as follows:

  • $5 reward each for the 1GB plan
  • $10 reward each for the 5GB plan
  • $15 reward each for the 20GB plan
  • $25 reward each for the Unlimited plan

RedPocket Mobile limits referral credits to a maximum of $500 annually. Referral credits are added to your account six weeks after your referral’s second-month renewal is paid. 

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RedPocket Mobile vs Alternatives


tello logo 2024

Tello is an independent MVNO carrier that operates using the T-Mobile network. Pricing for cellular service is definitely more attractive at Tello than at RedPocket Mobile. 

Tello’s mix-and-match customizable plans let you choose the number of talk minutes and data you prefer. As an example, you can choose from:

  • $5 per month for no data, free text, and 100 minutes of talk
  • $8 per month for 1GB of data, free text, and 500 minutes of talk
  • $14 per month for 5GB of data, unlimited talk and text
  • $25 per month for unlimited (35GB), high-speed data, talk, and text

Or several other combinations of plans. Tello beats out RedPocket Mobile with its family plans. If your family plan users need more than 20GB of data per month. (This is the limit on RedPocket Mobile family plans). 

However, if you like the idea of being able to switch networks back and forth, you may prefer RedPocket Mobile.

See our full Tello review here.

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Ting Mobile

ting mobile logo

Ting Mobile is similar to RedPocket Mobile in its range of plans. Ting Mobile plans include:

  • Flex Plan: $10 per month, per line, $5 per shared GB of data
  • Set 5 Plan: $25 per month, per line,  5GB of data for each line
  • Set 12 Plan: $35 per month, per line, 12GB of data for each line
  • Unlimited Plan: $45 per month, per line, 22GB of data for each line

As you can see, Ting Mobile’s unlimited plan costs more than RedPocket Mobile’s and gives you less high-speed data.

Another downside to Ting Mobile is that all members of a multi-line account must be on the same data plan. So, if you open a line for yourself and your kids, one can’t have the Set 5 Plan while another chooses the Set 12 Plan.

Ting Mobile is not included on our list of the cheapest family cell phone plans. If you’re searching for cheap family cell phone plans, you’d likely do better with another option.

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visible logo

Visible is most accurately compared to RedPocket Mobile when looking at RedPocket’s unlimited plan. Remember that RedPocket gives you unlimited (30GB) of data at 5G speeds, and then you’re reduced to 3G speeds for the remainder of your billing cycle.

Visible offers two unlimited plans: $25 per month for unlimited (truly unlimited) 5G/4G LTE data and then $45 per month for premium 5G Ultra Wideband data. 

Visible edges out RedPocket Mobile in that it won’t slow you down after reaching maximum data usage. 

Although both service carriers acknowledge that you could experience slowdowns during high usage times, RedPocket will switch you to 3G speeds once you’ve used your 30GB of data for the month. 

See our full Visible review here.

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What are RedPocket’s customer service options?

RedPocket offers live chat agents daily from 5 am to 9 pm Pacific Time. You can also text RedPocket Mobile at 305-842-3314, call them at 712-775-8777, or email them at

Do I get a referral credit when I add another person to my account?

No. Referral credits are only paid out when people who open a brand new account with RedPocket Mobile use their own code. Note that your own RedPocket Mobile account must be at least 30 days old before you can start getting paid for referrals.

Can I bring my phone to RedPocket Mobile?

Maybe. Get the MEID or IMEI number from your phone, and then visit the RedPocket Mobile compatibility page to find out if you can bring your current phone to RedPocket.

Does canceling a RedPocket Mobile plan cost money?

Canceling your RedPocket Mobile account is free. However, if you cancel, you will lose any plan credits, referral credits, rollover credits, and service plan discounts. Once you’ve closed your account, reactivation may or may not be available.

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RedPocket Mobile is pricier than other discount cell phone service operators. However, it offers the distinct benefit of being able to switch between networks. 

Before you make the switch, check the rules and regulations for switching carriers, as doing so is only possible if your phone allows for it. 

If regular travel makes sticking with just one carrier inconvenient, signing up with RedPocket Mobile may solve the problem.

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