Pullix (PLX) Draws investors’ Attention From Optimism (OP) and Hedera (HBAR) As Token Presale Nears End

Although Optimism (OP) and Hedera (HBAR) have great promise, Pullix is poised to be the next top DeFi token in the cryptocurrency market. Pullix offers exceptional prospects for investors looking for high-performing tokens in the highly promising DeFi ecosystem. 

Meanwhile, this DeFi project has caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency industry, especially as it draws close to the end of its presale finale where the native PLX token is currently selling for $0.14. Interestingly, analysts speculate that it has the potential to hit 1000x growth in 2024, thanks to its innovative revenue-sharing model that sets it apart from other exchanges.

Optimism (OP) Community is Optimistic about its price hitting $4

The current state of Optimism (OP) in the market indicates a bullish attitude and the possibility of a profitable short-term trend. This positive momentum could accelerate, with price targets aiming to hit $4. Particularly, the OP token has gained more than 15% in the past month, going from a monthly low price of $2.6 to a high of $4.1.

Given its impressive surge, the OP token has been trading within a weekly price range of $3.5 and $4.1, indicating an upward trend and positive support on the price chart amid a drop of 2.13%. Optimism’s pricing prediction suggests that by the end of Q1 2024, it might increase to $4.

Hedera (HBAR) Token Experiences a Notable 28.36% Surge

In another development, HBAR, the native cryptocurrency of Hedera Hashgraph, set a new all-time high last week with a notable 28.36% gain in value and a trading range between $0.08 to $0.1. 

Looking back, HBAR price surged to 37.57% last month, with a trading range of $0.067 and $0.11. Given that the price surge is unprecedented, the Hedera community is left wondering if this rise will continue as they closely monitor HBAR’s bullish momentum.

Pullix (PLX) Sets The Crypto Community Abuzz as it Raises Over $8.5 Million 

Pullix (PLX), a DeFi token, has emerged as a first-of-its-kind hybrid exchange, combining elements of DEX and CEX, offering deep liquidity, massive leverage (1000:1), and self-custodial portfolio management globally. At present, Pullix is nearing the end of its presale stage, providing exceptional prospects for early adopters to participate in the project. 

PLX token enhances user experience by granting daily income shares, lower fees, staking rewards, and governance rights, fostering the increase in value and scarcity with a fixed supply and token-burning feature. Pullix’s launchpad feature, which allows users to invest in promising DeFi and NFT initiatives at an early stage, is likewise powered by PLX. This promotes the expansion and advancement of the projects in addition to enhancing the platform’s intuitiveness for token holders.

PLX tokens, available in the final stage of the presale at $0.14, are set to soar 100x upon launch, anticipating increased demand due to its promising features. Additionally, once the exchange launches, demand for the PLX token will rise due to its numerous features and promise for holders. Pullix’s innovative revenue-sharing model transforms the DeFi market, providing PLX token holders a share of daily earnings and gaining traction to outshine major players like Optimism and Hedera.

Pullix plans to implement a token burn feature over time, aiming to reduce token supply and enhance value. With over 20,000 users in the presale and 115 million tokens sold so far, PLX has raised about $8.5 million. Pullix is not just an exchange; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem with the potential to become the preferred DeFi cryptocurrency for trading diverse assets.

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