Recently we’ve all seen people make millions of dollars from a measly $50 to $100 thrown in these meme coins and tokens. 

Like the person who threw $27 early on in $PEPE and turned to over 3 Million dollars 🤯

Or the middle-aged truck driver who invested a few hundred dollars in SHIBA and turned it into 1.7 Million dollars. 

Those stories are becoming more and more common and many others we don’t even hear about. 

How about the patient trader who accumulated $BONK tokens over 9 months and then sold. With a profit of over 9.3 Million dollars!

10,000 to 15000% gains. How is that possible?? And will that keep happening? 

Do read on. We explain the simple yet very lucrative process of meme tokens and give you a newly released, the next possible millionaire-making meme token towards the end. 

Crypto is the Wild Wild West. Riding on the Blockchains, it’s like the early days of the internet. Which was another time 20 plus years ago with similar market conditions, but this time is larger and many will say easier.

Will this last forever? Well like the dot com eventually busted, more likely than not it will be a similar case. However, dot com also made a ridiculous amount of money for the daring ones who took part.

What do these people have in common? One must ask how they are able to amass such fortune. Better yet, how to find the next big one?

Understanding market psychology.. that’s how. 

To put in perspective, we just had a sell-off on Bitcoin this last week. Bitcoin is the trend leader of cryptos like the S&P 500. Though its returns aren’t massive anymore, it provides guidance for the money flow in the crypto market.

Now head on over to the twitters, telegrams and you’ll see many people saying Crypto is Over, others saying it was a scam from numerous others panicking and running to the exits. Should you listen to those people?

The soon-to-be next millionaires, are they also screaming and crying?

Nope, instead they see and observe the chart and its trend. BTC has had a massive rally from the middle of last year breaking all-time highs. After a run like that, it’s expected for big investors to take profits. Which is what’s happening, giving a chance for the price to cool right at the perfect levels around massive buying support. At this range, the shaky hands get out and new investors get ready to join in for the next rally.

Soon as the price continues, all those Twitter screamers will turn back into bulls saying “We knew that was gonna happen”, “Bitcoin is too strong and big”, “it will be the new currency” etc etc. It’s a rather funny thing to watch.

But you might be thinking.. well that’s cool but how can I make my millions?

Most after reading the headlines, run and pile money into the PEPES, SHIBA OR DOGECOINS. But think about it.. those already had their runs. That’s like still chasing a woman who’s already been married to another guy, had 5 kids and now gained 30 pounds. Where’s the gain in that? You could if you wanted but the outcome you can imagine.

The meme coins though, the key is to invest in ones that aren’t being talked about by everyone yet. Because once everyone knows, the party’s already finished. Find ones that are different enough, yet following the trend.

The millions are made when no one is looking at them. Like the newly released BIRDY TOKEN. 

They’ve come through just a few days ago. Following an interesting narrative that the Dogs have had their time and the Birds want to take over. Comical.. but this is the kind of narrative to fly on the meme coins.

Now don’t be expecting financials or PE ratios from these types of tokens. Most are started as a joke, don’t have any public teams or any plans. Check out PEPE’s website and see for yourself: we laugh but what about the guy who threw $27 and turned to 3 Million.. he must be too, while swimming in Cabo sipping on Pina Colada’s?

They are the memes of dogs and cats, so what can we really expect? This stuff has some regulations but they’re very loose since it hasn’t had enough time to stabilize, which will be for another year or so but as of now are essentially purely hype-related. How else would 15,000 percent gainers be possible in such a short time.

Many even call them shit coins. And that’s for a reason. But at the same time, with the returns they give, should we really complain? Yes.. but do that while holding your money bag to the bank. Actually it’s a crypto wallet but you get the gist.

It’s a simple game; find ones early enough, drop a little bit of money and leave them in your crypto wallet. With the market being how hot it is, just the right spark lights up the token until the hype gets picked up by mainstream. Once the hype is built they give massive price gains, but only for the ones that were in the early stages when no one knew about them. That’s how the SHIBA INU and PEPEs hit their jackpots. 

As for BIRDY Token, their supply is only in the 100 Millions, compared to most which are in 100s of Billions. Taking basic supply and demand, the narrative of it and other meme-coin running factors, once enough meme-coin investors get a sniff of it, this should easily become the next big mover. 

The 10,000 to 20,000% returns are made here being invested in from these early stages. A few bucks now could make the next million. Sounds insane but that’s just the world this moment. Better odds than a scratch ticket? We’d say so.

Now if you’ve read this far, here’s the treat for you. Feel free to check out their project at

They are so new that their website isn’t even done on the desktop yet, but the mobile version works. That will likely be done soon but moments like these are where money-making opportunities can be found for these types of meme cryptos. Worry not, you can still get their tokens, but make sure to visit their website on your mobile phone.

You’ll have to make a crypto wallet on either Phantom or Solflare if you don’t have one. Then buy some Solana, and use it to swap for the Birdy Tokens on the Raydium exchange. Though it may sound a little daunting if it’s your first time, it takes about 5 – 10 minutes. They have more instructions on the website. And prepare for a chuckle if you’re not used to a meme coin website.

Though not as easily predicted, expect a time frame of about 2 to 3 months with the BIRDY TOKEN. Heck with the next BTC rally on its way and other major news like Bitcoin Halving (which historically has always started a bull run shortly after) in less than a month’s time, could be much sooner. All the money piling in at once and some serious coin is about to be made in a short time. 

Soon as Birdy Token is fully seen by these meme coin investors, the run will happen fast as it usually does with these tokens. Whereas right now, just a puny $5 investment in them gets you millions of their tokens. INSANE… or IS IT? Depends on whom you ask.

So will there be more millionaires soon? You bet there will be. Sometimes a little lucky break is all that’s needed.

As a full disclaimer, we also own some of Birdy tokens as well as many other cryptos. This is not financial advice. These meme coins are high risk and we are not responsible for any gains or losses. Please do your due diligence when investing.

Now don’t go crazy and invest your life savings into the Birdy token. Have a game sense. And if you do invest, you don’t even have to thank us later.

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