How to Add Afterpay to Shopify

Overview: How Can You Add Afterpay to Shopify?

Let’s first simply discuss what is meant by the word ”afterpay”. It is another way of paying for your goods. Afterpay means “buy now but pay later”. It is an opportunity for those customers who are unable to pay upfront. So they can easily pay in four equal installments after every two weeks. This idea has gained hype, as lots of Americans are now getting their wages every week with reliable and flexible payment options. This concept is beneficial for both customer and the seller. There are other uncountable benefits they are providing . Let’s have a look on those benefits:

Setting up Afterpay on Shopify – Benefits:

Improved conversion rates:

With afterpay, customers can easily buy any goods without thinking about their cost. This also decreases the rate of fraud and credit risk. At some point, it is a big benefit for small businesses.

Less cart abandonment:

Using afterpay, customers buy more goods than expected. Secondly, it prevents customers from abandoning your store as the credit feature is attractive for a buyer.

A much higher average order value:

Afterpay has some limits such as afterpay is only possible when your order price is at least 35$. This helps you in increasing the average order value.

How to connect Afterpay to Shopify?

Integration with afterpay would be the next level solution that any Shopify website can easily design and can easily help you with. No extra charges would be deducted on afterpay except goods selling price.  . Now, you  know how beneficial afterpay is with integration. Let’s check out how is it possible and let’s take a tour of Shopify’s e-commerce development company and afterpay integration process .

How to Add Afterpay to Shopify Product Page?

Do you want to integrate Afterpay into your account? There are two ways to do that, which are as follows:

1.Sign up as an Afterpay retailer:

To amalgamate Afterpay to your Shopify account , you need to sign up as an Afterpay retailer.

 2.Add a new payment method :

The second method is to log in to a Shopify store and add a new method of payment. For this, go to setting > payment provider >  alternative payment and in the end select Afterpay payment.

How to add Afterpay to a Shopify Store? – Seller ID

To add Afterpay to your Shopify store, all you need is a seller ID.

After making ID follow the following  steps:

1. Steer to Shopify > go to the admin area where you will see the store icon.

2. After getting on the Store, add the Afterpay payment option, and then click on the setting button which is on the top right corner.

3. Once you get to the payment area, scroll down for a while and then there will be the Afterpay option, click on it and provide your seller ID and its passcode. Make sure while entering the data that it is right before clicking on the submit button.

How to Show Afterpay on Shopify – Integrate the Afterpay logo

Now, you need to combine the Afterpay logo with your Shopify code. If you don’t understand the word ”Shopify’s liquid code” then it is a little bit of a hassle for you. You need to edit your code on the Shopify design theme and plunge the script that assigns you documentation issued by Shopify. Go to Shopify store > Themes > Edit the code, as explained to you above. Next, go to the product pricing area and add a cart button in your product template and enter the Shopify scroll. Last but not the least, save it and top up the page.

Once you refresh your page, you will notice that Afterpay scrap will be shown to you under the product rates.

Now, check whether it is working or not. Select any good, proceed towards the payment option and look if Shopify directs you to the Afterpay option.

How To Add Afterpay Logo To Shopify?

It’s time to add the Afterpay logo to the Shopify store. Follow these easy steps:

  • Sign in to your Shopify online store,
  • Push a click on the Action to navigate to edit code and click edit code.
  • Click on the design, press the down button and go to HTML and enter the key two times.
  • Open another tab and open this link; (
  • Paste the code you get from this theme liquid.
  • Save it and restore your page. If you have any trouble, you can contact any Shopify specialist.

How Does Afterpay Work with Shopify?  

Shopify and Afterpay both are easy to use, using Shopify E-commerce Integration service. Retailers simply add the Afterpay option as they do with other options such as credit cards, and Paypal. When a customer proceeds towards the payment of goods, their Afterpay payment option is also available as he/she clicks on it, they will be redirected to the Afterpay portal providing you with the details of installment and the amount that is due at that time. If a customer gets any goods on Afterpay and he/she receives any of the installment, then he/she will go to a challenge of 10$ per installment otherwise there will be no charge on Afterpay.

How Much Does Afterpay Cost For Merchants?

They do not charge anything from the customer. They make money through retailers on every successful sale. They have to pay 30 cents on every transaction plus a 3-6 % commission fee. As the transaction gets larger, the commission fee will decrease. It may seem a handsome amount when we compare it with other hatches, such as Paypal takes a processing fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents on every transaction. Although Afterpay takes charge more than the regular, unlimited pros are provided by the afterpay rather than the cost.

What is the Afterpay widget Shopify?

Now you can display the Afterpay widget representing the installment of the cost you have to pay on the product page plus you can also apply the thumbnail to look more attractive once you set up your Afterpay payment option on your Shopify store. Hand- made Script can also be used to remind the customer to use Afterpay. Afterpay is too necessary as it automatically breaks down the installment which will help to make a picture in the customer’s mind about the installment.

What is the Afterpay banner Shopify?

If you decide to show customers a banner about Afterpay then go to section area  > product template.liquid > search name=”add” and put a line of code before or after this button or you can also place it wherever you want.


In my opinion, if you want to increase your daily sales and profit margin, then Afterpay will help you doubtlessly. Afterpay can also attract new customers by providing you with an easy payment way. The seller may have access to Afterpay’s technical support and marketing support.

The Afterpay Shopify provides you with more access to all customers. It provides you with forever interest-free financing that will help you to gain more customers.

Later on, Afterpay created more services such as  Afterpay express checkout, and site messaging that help sellers in growing their business in a short period of time. You can increase your store visibility and can get traffic to your store by applying Afterpay online marketing. Start your business from Starstorez, they can build highy advanced dropshipping store.

FAQ About How to Install Afterpay on Shopify

How To Add Afterpay To Shopify POS?

Let me tell you first that Shopify POS is a verified Afterpay integration. If any of the store holders are looking forward to offer Afterpay at some store level, then they are invigorated for POS platform Integration or on the other hand register for the Afterpay standalone solution. This standalone solution allows the seller to sign in to the Afterpay seller portal using the Internet service provider and can easily process an in-store transaction directly through the Afterpay portal.

How To Add Afterpay Logo To Shopify?

Sign in to your Shopify online store, push a click on the Action to navigate to edit code and click edit code. Click on the design, press the down button and go to HTML and enter the key two times.

Open another tab and open this link(

Paste the code you get from this theme liquid. Save it and restore your page.

How Do You Test Afterpay On Shopify?

Once you install Afterpay on your store, move forward towards the checkout process and click on the Afterpay payment option, see whether it redirects you to the Afterpay option or not.

Where Is Afterpay Liquid Snippet For Shopify?

The Afterpay liquid snippet is placed at the bottom of the product store.

What is the Afterpay “widget”?

The afterpay widget shows the installment of your goods’ cost. You can add and alter the script and can paste it on the product page to encourage customers to use it. The script makes your work easy by showing the breakdown of the cost of every product and it is easy for the customer also to keep in mind what to pay at what time.

There are two different scripts available commonly named AP Widgets and AP Modal.

Which other payment options should I add to my Shopify store?

However, there are unlimited options provided to us around the world. But it’s up to the sellers which option is best for them. And which options are running in their country.

You will meet numerous different payment options and some of them are as follows:

Shopify Payments – Shopify itself owns this payment option and you will be able to see it on your payment option.

PayPal – This is one of the most popular and most commonly used option around the world,   offering us the guide, flexibility and a lot more. The seller can opt between two; the free version or PayPal Payments Pro.

Stripe – One of the popular and famous option in USA. It is a user-friendly option, providing us unique features, allowing sellers to accept international currencies and credit cards.

Authorize.Net – This method is commonly used for businesses because it is accepting credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club, and JCB, and e-checks.

Some of the choices are as follows:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Cryptocurrency
  • AliPay Global
  • 2Checkout
  • PayFast
  • PayGate
  • WorldPay
  • PxPay

Do Customers have to pay any other charges while using Afterpay?

No. There are no hidden charges customers have to pay while using Afterpay. But if they miss any of the installment to pay on its due date then they have to pay a challan of $10 per installment.

How will Afterpay help in increasing the sale of the store?

There are many people who are unable to buy the necessary products just because they have to pay the whole cost at the moment. So they leave without buying any goods.But now when they see the Afterpay option, they will most probably be going to purchase their goods.

Is there any limit on customers while using Afterpay?

Yes. You can only avail this offer if your product is more than $35. Otherwise, you have to pay for your goods at the moment.

Are there any charges merchants have to pay while enabling the Afterpay option?

No. It’s free of cost. There will be no charges while enabling the Afterpay method option.

How many Installments are made while using Afterpay?

Your cost will be equally distributed in four equal installments. The amount of cost will not affect the installment number, it will remain the same all the time.

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