9 tips on how to grow tomatoes

The flavor of a tomato grown in your own garden or vegetable patch is truly unique. However, to successfully enjoy the satisfaction of eating your own homegrown fruit, it’s essential to have the right knowledge and approach.

How to grow tomatoes: ripe tomatoes or other?

There are diverse tomatoes: indeterminate tomatoes, green tomatoes, determinate tomatoes, and more. The most popular are ripe tomatoes, but when considering different tomato varieties, choose tomato plants that are highly resistant to diseases and thrive over time. For instance, you might consider Black Crimean tomatoes, Green Zebra, or cherry tomatoes.

Tomato plants need the right place – potting soil

To ensure your plants thrive, it’s essential to select the appropriate location, whether it’s in the ground in your garden soil or in a vegetable container on a balcony. In this scenario, the ideal choice would be a spot that receives full sun – tomatoes love direct sunlight.

Place your tomato plant at the right depth and the right distance

Once you have selected the location for growing tomatoes, dig a planting hole that is twice the width and three times the depth of the pot. To ensure the plant takes root effectively, it should be planted deep enough so that the collar, the area where the roots meet the stem, is below the soil surface.

Enrich the earth for tomato seedlings

Regardless if you want to plant tomatoes outdoors or indoors, remember that tomatoes are heavy feeders. Thus, you can enrich poor soil by filling the planting hole with compost. This is the only amendment that doesn’t need to be mixed with the soil beforehand.

Tie up your plants

It is also advisable to support tomato plants with either string or a spiral stake. If using twine, it is important to do this before filling the planting hole and to pass it under the root ball of the plant to avoid damaging the roots.

Water generously to grow tomato plants

Immediately after planting, the first reflex to adopt is to water the plant generously. Tomatoes need three to five liters of water at that time. And the ideal is to have thought of creating a small basin at the base of the plant, just after transplanting, so when you water, the water remains at the level of the base. A tomato plant must be watered every two to three days, and each time we pour approximately three liters of water per tomato plant.

Fight against diseases

To fight against diseases of tomato plants, such as downy mildew, which can destroy your production, you must absolutely avoid watering the foliage of tomatoes, but pour water only at the base of the plant.

To prevent diseases, it is also possible to treat your tomatoes with nettle or horsetail manure, but what really helps to avoid diseases is to choose, from the start, the right varieties, which are not too sensitive.

Diversify your plantations to fight against pests

And against parasites, there is no secret: the best thing is to diversify your plantations. You also have to accept that there are some pests remaining on your plants: small parasites attract larger ones, and then, it is important for biodiversity, that there is life in its garden.

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Save the seeds for next year

The last valuable advice is to keep tomato seeds from your production, to reuse them the following year. Thanks to these seeds, it will be possible next year to sow your own seeds, and you will thus control your entire tomato production.

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